Questions About The Anti-Christ

Q. Thanks for this wonderful forum to ask Biblical questions. I really appreciate it.

My question concerns the anti-Christ. I heard of one preacher saying he has to be Jewish or the Jewish people would never follow him as their Messiah at the end times. I heard of another preacher saying he will come from Europe with a mention of “the city of the seven hills,” possibly Rome, or at least the reference being to the emerging European Union. What are your thoughts?

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Literal Babylon?

Q. In your article, The Return Of The Medes, you said; ‘Jeremiah’s two cryptograms can be found in Jere. 51:4 where Leb Kamai is code for Chaldea and in Jere. 51:41 where Sheshach is code for Babylon. I believe he did this to make it unmistakably clear that he was referring to an end times version of Biblical Babylon.’

How does using cryptograms make it clear that Jeremiah was referring to an end times version of Biblical Babylon?

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Can I Sin While Sleeping?

Q. Jesus said that if a man looks on a woman with lust, in his heart he has already sinned with her. Also if if you hate your brother it is as if you have murder in your heart. If anger is as bad as murder and lust as bad as adultery, does this apply to dreams? If you sin in your dreams does it count as sin, since it may reflect the motive of your heart?

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Interpreting Eccl. 3:11

Q. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 depending on which Bible you are using, King James says world, others say eternity, when you look the word world in Hebrew in that verse it says eternity for a meaning, wouldn’t this change the meaning of the verse?

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What Changed Things?

Q. Reading the Old Testament for the first time and currently made it through Numbers. Through the Mosaic covenant, God sounds more like a meglomaniacal power crazed dictator or tyrant who commands respect and will kill anyone at whim for the slightest disloyalty or disobedience- more along the lines of an Idi Amin, a Hussein or a mafia boss. This personality and leadership style is very different than the Jesus of New Testament who didn’t kill anyone, didn’t turn anyone into pillars of salt. He didn’t say Peter you will deny me 3 times and afterward I will kill you for being disloyal. He forgave everyone who was meek and humble and taught love, peace and forgiveness. I guess I grew up as a child of the 70s believing God was more like a 60’s hippy pacifist- “peace and love man”. If Jesus says if you know me you know my father, then why such a contrast in personalities between God of Old Testament and Jesus of New Testament?

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Millennial Sacrifices

Q. I’ve been studying about the idea of sacrifices in the millennium and I find that there is an apparent problem. As I read Hebrews 10:1-18 it is essentially saying that Christ died once and for all for our sins and that sin offerings are not what the Lord wants anymore.

You say that the Ezekiel sacrifices are only a memorial and not for sins since Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Here is my problem however, in the book of Ezekiel no where does it say this is done as a memorial. He says these are specifically “sin offerings” and once they become “sin offerings” they cannot come after the cross because this is completely against the teaching of Hebrews which show that sin offerings are no longer required by the Lord because Christ died for sins once and for all. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something and I was wondering what you think?

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Preaching To The Spirits In Prison

Q. I was wondering if you could offer your analysis of 1 Peter 3:19. I would imagine you would have to take all the verses before and after it in that chapter to keep it in context, but specifically that verse. I have heard said that he was preaching the gospel to the spirits of the dead, which would mean one can be saved after death. Obviously the Bible contradicts this, so what would it mean?


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Who Else Is Missing?

Q. Hello, I want to say thank you for GTF. After surviving a severe stroke, in a very devastated condition, with my assurance of faith under constant attack, your articles have been a much-needed source of strength helping to restore my faith.

I was intrigued to note that America does not appear in the Biblical End times prophecies, and it is indeed ominous for us all.

It made me ask which other presently world-significant nations e.g. France, Germany, the UK., etc. are also absent from the Biblical scenario, I’d value any comment you have the time to give about this.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Q. Interested in your thoughts on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As a Lutheran pastor Bonhoeffer was apparently guilty of conspiring with a group of Germans to murder Hitler. While we should oppose evil, are we ever justified in taking life in this manner? I know of no acts in the New Testament of early Christians conspiring to murder or even over throw governments or rulers, however detestable.

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Islam And The False Prophet Of Rev. 13

Q. I appreciate your site so much. I have a question that I have not seen addressed as of yet on your site or anywhere else I’ve looked. It is concerning the Muslim Mahdi and his “commander” who they say will be “Jesus”. Therefore, when this Mahdi of theirs arrives (whom I believe will be the Antichrist), it would seem that his commander “Jesus” would be the False Prophet. Do you feel this is a valid assessment?

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