Unsaved Family And Friends

Q. I have family members, beloved friends and they aren’t saved yet.I can’t stop thinking of the possibility that maybe they will remain unsaved and face this horrific eternity. This very real possibility is an unbearable thought to me. I know how very important to pray for them,and share the “good news”, but in the end it’s up to them. I think no matter how much I talk to them or pray for them, I can’t force the good outcome, can I? Even God can’t force them to make the right choice, concerning this,His hands are tied. And that’s so painfully “insolvable”.

The truth is, the thought that may the Lord will erase damned loved people from my memory is not a solace at all. (I know that it’s much worse to the Lord, compared to His love and care toward these people, I’m cold and empty.)I’m a believer for ten years but until now I never thought of this issue seriously. It’s numbingly staggering what is at stake here,when I think of the eternal future of loved ones!

How can a believer handle this issue the right way? Please correct me,if I’m wrong about anything I wrote!

A. I believe you are correct in your understanding of the destiny awaiting the unsaved. You are also correct in believing that after sharing the Gospel with your family the most important thing to do is pray. But by how you live, you can also show the benefits of being a Christian here and now, not just after we leave here. Perhaps your example will influence them.

If they still choose to reject God, that is their right. We can only trust that God will relieve the pain in our hearts like he promised. (Isaiah 65:17)

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