Building Israel’s Temple

Q. I understand that in the bible prophesy, the 3rd temple has to be built before anti-christ appears. Will the rapture takes place before the completion of the temple or after the completion? I saw in a website that the Temple Institute, an organization in charge of the rebuilding of the temple project in Israel, has already started building the the 3rd temple.  Does it imply that the 3 1/2 years of peace for Israel is coming very soon, say perhaps between the year 2012 to 2015?

A. It’s more likely that the anti-Christ will enable Israel to build the Temple by enforcing a treaty.  This is hinted at in Daniel 9:27.   The Temple Institute  is preparing for the coming Temple by making implements, furnishings and special clothing for priests who will serve there.  Actual construction on the building has not yet begun.

Before Israel can begin any period of peace, the nation’s next door neighbors have to be dealt with.  Many believe this will happen soon in a battle foretold in Psalm 83, but the exact timing of this event has not been given us.

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