Dating The Rapture?

Q. I’m not trying to set the date of the Rapture, I’m just excited because I believe it’s right around the corner so to speak…when I hear you, and other bible prophecy scholars speak of things like “what the Old Testament conceals, the New Testament reveals” and “what the Old Testament contains, the New Testament explains” I can’t help but apply that concept to the rapture of the church, and the fact so many New Testament episodes coincided with the exact dates of certain episodes in the Old Testament. Like coming full circle, or ‘what goes around comes around’.

A. I believe if the Rapture of the Church happens on a Jewish Feast day, then Pentecost would be the most logical one, it being the feast most clearly associated with the Church.  But I remain convinced that the Church will be taken on whatever day it reaches its full number based on my understanding of Romans 11:25 and Acts 15:13-18. Since no one knows what the Church’s full number is or how close we are to achieving it, I don’t believe anyone on Earth will be able to determine the date of our departure in advance.

However I’ve also said that I believe the Church has to be gone before Daniel’s 70th Week begins, and since I believe the 2nd Coming will likely take place sometime in 2018 (at the end of Daniel’s 70th Week) that literally makes the rapture an event that could happen any day now.  I came to this conclusion from a comparison of Matt. 24:34 and Psalm 90:10.

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