How Can I Know I’m Doing What The Lord Wants?

Q. I have a burning question that you answered for another person, but I need examples please. How do we know if we are working in God’s Power and not just our own. What tells us which we are doing? Whatever we do for God’s Kingdom, how do we know whether it is coming from us or God wants us to do that. Thank you kindly for your answer.

A. I can only offer you my personal experience.  If I feel the Lord prompting me to do something, get confirmation from someone who doesn’t know what I’m thinking of doing, receive help I didn’t anticipate and had no right to expect while doing it, and when I’m finished it’s clear that the results were far better than I could have produced in my own strength, then I’m pretty sure it was the Lord.

But when I set off without confirmation, get a lot of interference along the way, have to “beg borrow and steal” to get the help I need and wind up exhausted at the end with meager results that really weren’t worth the effort, then  I know I was working on my own.

As you can see, the key for me has always been waiting for confirmation from an independent source before beginning.

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