Nervous About The Rapture

Q.   I have a friend who says the rapture makes her nervous and anxious, sometimes scared. She says she’s not afraid of not being a part of it, but the idea of just suddenly disappearing and flowing in the air somewhere. She’s terrified of heights. Do you have any encouraging words that I could share with her?

A.  Tell your friend not to worry.  At the time of the rapture she’ll be here on Earth and then in an instant, before her next breath,  she’ll be standing with the Lord in Heaven. Paul said it will all take place in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye (1 Cor. 15:52).  By the time she realizes what has happened it will be over.  She’ll have a new immortal body and will never experience a moment of fear or uncertainty.

The notion of believers floating up into the air is a man made opinion based on the description of the Lord’s ascension in Acts 1:9 which was not a model of the rapture and therefore is not the way it will happen.

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