Our Pastor Won’t Teach Prophecy

Q. We go to a Southern Baptist church and it is a Bible believing church. But they will not preach or have Bible study on Prophecy.  They say it is too controversial.  We don’t understand, its part of the Bible.  Is this part of the ‘falling away’ that we hear about?  We are very interested in prophecy and feel like we are missing out on 1/3 of the bible by this stance.

A. Many otherwise competent pastors will not teach on prophecy.  Often this is due to the fact that they weren’t taught anything about it in seminary , or worse, they were taught to avoid the subject altogether if they want to be successful pastors. Either way they often don’t feel adequately prepared to teach prophecy.

You’re right, it is a shame.  But unless these pastors have a personal interest in prophecy and want to learn on their own, they’re often less knowledgeable about the subject than some members of their own congregation.

The great falling away is the departure of Christians in name only from the evangelical church into groups that call themselves churches, but don’t adhere to the basics of orthodox Christianity. 

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