Questions About Daniel’s “70 Weeks” Prophecy

Q. Ive been checking out a website that contradicts the popular belief about the 70 weeks of Daniel. The teacher at this site says the He in the Daniel 9 24-27 is none other than Christ.

Here is a Quote of what else he says.   “A careful study of Daniel’s prophecy of the seventieth week, clearly reveals 3 ½ years have already been fulfilled by Jesus earthly ministry, thereby leaving only 3 ½ years still future to be fulfilled.”

My question is where do prophecy teachers get the 7 year tribulation period from and where exactly does it say Israel will sign a peace agreement with Israel.

A. This person violated a simple rule of grammar by connecting the pronoun “he” in Daniel 9: 27 to the Lord.  Personal pronouns modify the closest previous noun.  In this case it’s the “ruler (prince) who will come” in verse 26.  That’s the anti-Christ.  Verse 26 also says that after the 62 sevens the messiah would be cut off.  This means to be executed.  The Lord’s ministry was already over when He was crucified so it can’t be counted as part of the final 7 years.  The 7 year tribulation period is more accurately known as Daniel’s 70th week. And finally, Daniel 9: 27 says the anti-Christ will confirm a covenant (treaty) with “the many” which is a euphemism for Israel.

This was all confirmed by the Lord in Matt. 24:15 and Paul in 2 Thes. 2:4.  Both passages speak of the abomination of desolation by the anti-Christ in agreement with Daniel 9:27.

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