Surviving The Tribulation

Q. My question involves the gentiles that make it through the tribulation period.  We know that they can’t buy or sell without the mark.  We know that many are beheaded.  So the ones that become saved and make it to the Millennium did what?  They hid themselves?  They stayed on lands or farms where they grew their own food?  How did they escape the anti-Christ system?

A. I don’t think the anti-Christ will be able to set up an all inclusive economic system that doesn’t have gaps in it.  There will almost certainly be some areas on Earth that his technology can’t cover.  But even where there is coverage, I think some believers will be able to provide for themselves without being dependent on the economic system.  As a practical matter it will be almost impossible to store up enough to last the entire period, so some form of living off the land combined with bartering for things they can’t grow will probably be the solution.  While I don’t think it will be easy, it will have to be possible or else none would survive.

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