What Did The Crown Of Thorns Mean?

Q. Someone discussing how Jesus has paid for our healing quoted Isaiah 53, “by His stripes we are healed”, but said it was also by the crown of thorns that Jesus wore.  I know that stripes refers to the marks of the whips on His back, but this man was insisting that the crown of thorns was payment also.  I haven’t heard much over the years about the significance of the crown of thorns.   Could it be possible that it also was payment for our healing?

A. I believe the crown of thorns the soldiers placed on the Lord’s head symbolizes the fact that when He went to the cross, Jesus also bore the curse that God placed upon the creation.  Because of Adam’s sin, God introduced thorns and thistles into the plant life, and the thorn bush was the first one mentioned (Genesis 3:18). Over time the thorn bush became a symbol of the curse, and one of the blessings the Lord’s death brought is that at the 2nd Coming the creation will be freed from this curse.

In Romans 8:19-21 Paul said the Creation will also be liberated from its bondage to decay, which leads some to believe that the Law of Entropy was introduced at the fall and will be removed at the time of the 2nd Coming.  Simply stated, entropy means that left on its own everything falls from order into chaos.  For example, if you don’t tend your garden it will turn into a field of weeds. Everything around us is subject to that law, even our own bodies.

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