More About The Seven Year Treaty?

Q. Can you tell me more about the 7 year peace treaty? Between whom will it take place, when and will we be raptured before then? Is it the last thing to take place before the rapture?

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Will All Jews Be Saved?

Q. I have heard people say: “All the Jews will be saved.”  Is that true?  If all the Jews will go to heaven, what about those that die today and tomorrow, before the rapture or before proving their faith in the tribulation period? Will they go to heaven or not? Isn’t Jesus the only “ticket” to the Father and Heaven?

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The Great Pause. One More Time

Q.  I understand your view on replacement theology and how we have not displaced Israel as God’s people. Through your post on “The Great Pause” I’ve seen how God has only paused His time line for Israel. In accordance with Romans 11:17, my church teaches that we are grafted into Israel. What exactly does that mean? To what extent? Are God’s promises for Israel for us too? Should we be observing Jewish feast days or is the church totally separate from Israel?

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Questioning The Placement Of Ezekiel’s Battle

Q. I Write to comment on your book (Seven Things You have to know…) concerning the Sequence of Major Events of the Last Days.

You mentioned that the Rapture is the First event, then the Battle of Gog and then the 70th Week of Daniel, but why should not the 70th Week begin before the Battle of Gog and not after it?

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The Fig Tree Analogy Of Matt. 24

Q.  I am reading a book on prophecy by Tim LaHaye.  He states that there is no substantiation that the fig tree in Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 represents Israel. He further points out that Luke 21:29 refers to “the fig tree and all the trees.”  And thus, the fig tree cannot be Israel.  What are your thoughts?

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Malachi Speaks Again. Part 4, Conclusion

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Malachi Speaks Again

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

In the Christian Bible the concluding chapter in the Book of Malachi contains the final words of the Old Testament. It would be 400 years before God spoke to Israel again and then His purpose would be to announce the birth of the Messiah. But in Malachi 4 He left Israel with the most important choice in their national history.

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A Question About Replacement Theology

Q. I found an article on a Christian site where the author claims that the Old Testament contains many prophecies that cannot be fulfilled and promises that have been forfeited because God’s promises to Israel were conditional.  Am I correct in interpreting his teaching as replacement theology? What would you say in a rebuttal to this? I personally don’t believe in replacement theology and think it is a heretical teaching and was interested in your view. Thanks for your wonderful insight.

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Does Israel Have To Be A Nation?

Q. Great site you have. I have a question?  Where in the Bible does it refer to Israel  and the generation which sees it become a state again being the generation to see the end times. In Matthew (Olivet Disclosure) I don’t see a connection with Israel becoming a nation again.

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The Prophet, The Priest, And The King

Commentary by Jack Kelley

I think you’ll agree that this is a fascinating account of how God used Daniel the Prophet, Jeduah the High Priest, and Alexander, King of Greece  to prepare the world to receive the Gospel, beginning over 500 years before the fact.

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More On Who Lives Where?

Q.  If I recall correctly, the OT Jews who died believing in a Savior to come will be living in Israel during the Millennium along with those who survived the Tribulation.  Jesus will rule from Jerusalem.   The Church will live in the New Jerusalem.  So do God and the angels stay in Heaven or will they be in New Jerusalem?  Or is Heaven now the New Jerusalem?

And concerning those who choose to worship Jesus during the Millennium (descendants of those who accept Jesus during the Tribulation) – Because they aren’t Jews, do they go to the New Jerusalem when they die or are their bodies simply transformed and they continue to live on earth?

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