More On Jews Rejecting Jesus

Q.  I Read your article on Why the Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah.  I feel one of the important reasons is because God has hardened their hearts and second is if you look at who is rejecting  Christ, is it not the same crowd who were present 2000 years ago??? The Rabbis, Saducees & Pharisees. Ordinary Jewish people are accepting Jesus by the hundreds of thousands.

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Millennial King David?

Q. I was just wondering where in the Bible it talks about King David ruling during the Millennium.  You mentioned it in another study and that was the first I’d ever heard of it.  Also why would the Third Temple be located in Shiloh? Isn’t Jerusalem God’s capitol on Earth? Thanks in advance and God Bless.

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Desolation Of The Wicked

Q.  I have a question concerning Proverbs 3:19-26.  Could this passage be used to support pre trib?  In verse 25-26 it states the desolation of the wicked will come yet the Lord will be our confidence and our foot will not be snared…   Does “desolation of the wicked” mean the attacks from the wicked to others that will come or Gods attacks towards the wicked?

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Ezekiel’s Sticks

Q.  In Ezekiel 37:16-28 God has the prophet take two sticks and join them together into one.  What it the passage really about?

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The Fall Feasts Of Israel

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

The fall is arguably the most important time of the year in Judaism. Three of Israel’s holiest days are celebrated then, and all in the space of 3 weeks. They are  Yom Teruah, also called the Feast of Trumpets, followed 10 days later by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and 5 days after that by Sukkot, the week long Feast of Tabernacles.  They all have both historical and prophetic fulfillment and, following the pattern of the spring feasts, the prophetic fulfillment will occur during the time of each feast. Therefore, Christians study them for glimpses into the future as well as to gain a better understanding of Jewish history and culture. This year they occur on Sept. 24-26 (Feast of Trumpets), October 3-4 (Yom Kippur) and October 8-15 (Feast of Tabernacles).

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Gentile Tribulation Believers

Q. I have a question concerning Jeremiah 30:11 and Tribulation Believers.  If God completely destroys the nations to which Israel was scattered, and those being the gentiles, where do the gentile tribulation believers come from, since the nations come to give their gifts to God during the millennium?

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Ezekiel 38 And The 6 Day War

Q. Why, in your opinion, did the 6 day war and the 1973 conflict not meet the substance of the Ezk 38-39 war? Obviously I expect that Turkey who did not participate is part of the answer, but Russia was very involved in both. Because as I sit, those two wars were pretty dead on. Where am I wrong?

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Building Israel’s Temple

Q.   I truly believe we are in the last days.  There is so much evidence of it in society’s ways and just how everything is playing out.  I have a question, however.  I realize that Israel is getting closer and closer to being ready to rebuild the Temple.  Could it be rebuilt, in your estimation, within a few years? 

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Why Do Jews Reject Jesus As The Messiah? Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Why Jews Reject Jesus

Commentary by Jack Kelley

I was recently asked to respond to seven reasons why Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. These seven reasons have been featured on a Jewish “anti-missionary” website as part of their effort to discourage Jewish conversions to Christianity. In part one I responded to the first four of these reasons, so we’ll now conclude with my response to the remaining three.

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