Talking With God

Q. I consider myself a new believer having only been born again a little over a year ago. I feel a change in my prayer life since then. More than just thinking my prayers to myself before bed where now I physically speak them as well as fast once or twice a week. However, I still can’t honestly say that God clearly speaks to me. I feel that He puts things on my heart or directs me through my thoughts and emotions, but nothing definitive. This causes me to feel doubt from time to time as to whether or not I’m following His will exactly as I should or if I’m missing things or taking liberties that I shouldn’t. Is this just a natural place for me to be as a young believer and something that will intensify over time or am I missing something?

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Is The Prosperity Gospel Wrong?

Q. My question deals with the prevalence of “The Prosperity Gospel”. Some of the well meaning proponents of this suggest that if one is sick, or poor, or even dies untimely, it is evidence of a lack of faith. I find it offensive, and am troubled because some people I love have stated this.  I am hoping you will address this for the Church. Thank you.

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Where Are You, Lord?

Q. In the past I always knew when God was talking to me. It was almost as if I could hear Him. However after a recent medical issue this is no longer the case and it is very bothersome to me. Although it turned out just to be stress, the medical issue was the worst time of my life. I’m over that problem now but He has still not communicated with me the same way he used too. It’s like He’s left me on my own. I know he loves me and I know I’m forgiven, but should I be worried about this? Maybe I failed a test when I was sick?

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How Can We Know God’s Will For Our Lives?

Q. My daughter is married with three children. I was talking to her today and she was in tears because she very much wants to do something here on earth for the Lord. She says that all she does is raise her children and do housework.  I told her that the Bible says even if you give a cup of water in His name, there is a reward, and that not all of us have big ministries. She said she doesn’t want a big ministry, but just wants to do something more than she is doing now.

What more can I tell her? Isn’t raising up children in the way they should go a big thing in God’s eyes?

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The Prophet, The Priest, And The King

Commentary by Jack Kelley

I think you’ll agree that this is a fascinating account of how God used Daniel the Prophet, Jeduah the High Priest, and Alexander, King of Greece  to prepare the world to receive the Gospel, beginning over 500 years before the fact.

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Developing The Habit Of Praying

Q. I need help to get into the habit of praying.  I personally need help from the Lord to center my life around Him, but I forget to pray for it.  When I do pray, I am easily distracted.  I “forget” what I am talking about and ramble foolishly, and never seem to “make contact” with the Lord.  What suggestions can you give me to “cure” this thing that keeps me away from the “closer walk” I want and need with God?

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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

Right from the beginning, most informed commentators have predicted that the only logical conclusion to the so-called Middle East Peace process would be war.  Contrary to what our leaders have told us, the Palestinian goal has never been to accept a two state solution.  They’ve already turned that deal down at least twice.  No, the goal has been to eliminate the Jewish state altogether.  As long as they could win concessions at the bargaining table war could be avoided, but the day would obviously come when no more concessions could be given, and the only option would be to go to war for the rest.  That day may have come, and of course the stumbling block is  Jerusalem.

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Is Anointing With Oil Proper?

Q. There are a lot of pastors who dip their finger on some holy oil and then lay hands on people. This oil is sold and advertised on TV. Some renowned pastors use holy water. The bible says we have to pray and heal the sick in the name of Jesus only. When the question is posed they answer by saying in the book of James  5:14 it is written that we must lay hands on the sick and anoint them with oil. Is this verse being applied correctly? Is the usage of oil in this verse have supernatural effect or medicinal effect.

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Praying At The Western Wall

Q.  I got a letter from a Jewish organization yesterday. Included was a blank form for me to write my prayer requests and return to them. They say they’re going to Israel later this summer and will recite my requests at the Western Wall. My question is, is it okay to do that? I thought we’re only supposed to pray directly to God.

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