Prayer Warriors Confidentiality Agreement

Q.  One of our pastors tapped me to organize a prayer warriors team with the purpose of interceding for the church activities, needs of the church, our congregational attendees and national needs. I was asked to have the prayer warriors sign a Confidentiality Agreement for each one to keep to themselves the prayer requests of others. This is the first time I have come across such a thing so I am asking for enlightenment.

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Giving The Opening Prayer

Q. I am seeking your advice concerning prayer. Our Pastor is leaving and we are having a farewell banquet for him and his family. There will be many in attendance including pastors from other churches and I have been asked to offer the opening prayer.

The idea of praying aloud in front of so many makes me nervous.  I always pray from my heart but in this case would it be okay to write something and memorize it?

Also when I think about what to say in the opening prayer, the book of Psalms comes to mind but I don’t know why. Is there something there I should know concerning this? Perhaps a word from Psalms that I should use in the prayer?

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Social Avoidance Disorder?

Q. I believe I have a serious case of social avoidance disorder (self diagnosed) and this has caused me to quit attending Church, work only from home, and have barely any contact other than e-mail with acquaintance-level friends. I don’t even like to be ‘bothered’ by family members. And it has only gotten worse over the last few years. I used to be very active in Church, was raised in a Christian home and was saved when young.

I wonder if this could be demonic oppression or not? I know for a fact I can’t be possessed, as a believer, but have you heard of demonic attacks in this form to keep someone from accomplishing God’s will?

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Raising The Dead

Q. I absolutely love your site, I read it daily first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee before I start my day. I cannot count the ways that it has literally changed my life and the way I conduct myself in every aspect of my life. However, I have a question that has been nagging at me for years and I hope that you can provide an answer. If the Bible says that it is appointed for men to die but once, then why are there reports of people (along with miraculous healings) being raised from the dead as you have mentioned in other sections of your site?

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Spotting Giftedness

Q. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit, but how do we recognize them in ourselves mechanically speaking? Do you know of any studies that spell out what the exact signs are that you may have a particular gift? Any help is appreciated. God Bless.

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When Do We Stop Praying?

Q.  I have a question regarding praying for our country. Referring to Jeremiah 7:16, isn’t there a point where God’s patience runs out and His mind is made up regarding the fate of a peoples. I can’t help but think that the United States has reached that point where we have stuck our finger in His eye one time too many and judgement is sure to come. How can we know when we have reached this point?

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Born Again Twice?

Q. Can a Christian who has fallen away for 8 years and come back to Christ, still be filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? All of this after repentance and being Water baptized again. Is it necessary to ask for the Baptism of Holy Spirit a second time? I still have my prayer language, etc.

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Praying for Our Enemies. Follow up

Q.  Thank you for the lesson on “Praying for our enemies“, but I have a question:  How do you pray for your enemies when you are at war with them? I am speaking specifically of Islamists. I know we should pray that they see the peace of God and come to His grace, but I fear that we will be at war, literally, with them, especially here in the U.S., in the foreseeable future.

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Praying For Our Enemies

Q.  The Bible tells us to pray for our enemies. Please tell me how I can pray for someone for whom I have no trust or respect?  When I try to pray, my words are flat, my heart is cold and my feelings go against everything in the prayer. God knows my heart. He knows that I am not sincere. What does God expect from a simple human? Please help me understand how I am to obey this difficult instruction from my Father.

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