All Bible Prophecy Fulfilled?

Q. I have a friend who used to have the same beliefs as I, but within the past few years has ended up being what he calls a Historical Realist, but to me he seems to be more of a Preterist. He believes ALL prophecies were fulfilled in 70AD.

I have been doing a lot of research to disprove his reasoning, but I want to make sure I have a strong impact. He believes Revelation was written before 70AD cause the temple was mentioned. I  know it’s a temple of the future, not of the one of Biblical times. And Nero does have anti-Christ characteristics, but I don’t see where he fit full prophecy of the Antichrist & beast.

Do you have any strong scripture references to support against Jesus’ teaching at the Mt of Olives was not referring to 70AD? Also do you know where I can find solid proof Revelation was written in the mid 90s AD?

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The Sabbath Rest

Q. Chapter 4 of Hebrews speaks of entering into the Sabbath rest. I am fairly certain that this is not referring to the tradition Sabbath; i.e., 7th day of the week. Is this referring to the New Covenant (Jesus’ redemptive act on the Cross)? Or is there something else going on here?

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The Strangest Miracle

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

The first three Gospels are so much alike that people accuse Matthew and Luke of borrowing heavily from Mark, who supposedly wrote His gospel first. But not so with John.  His gospel is different from all of the others.

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Repent And Be Saved

Q. I am really trying to get a handle on once saved always saved. What part does repentance play in salvation? Is repentance more than just turning from sin? Is is turning from living for ones self to living for God? If my salvation is dependent on that, I am not fairing very well!

We all know people who make a commitment to the Lord but by all appearances do not seem to feel to pressured to make changes in their lives. On the other hand, there are others that still struggle with sin even though their hearts desire is to repent and walk in God’s word. I realize that only God knows the truth of a person’s heart, and only He is the judge. However, would lack of repentance “disqualify” someone from God’s gift of salvation?

I guess what I am also asking is, does God’s free gift of salvation apply to all who accept it even without repentance?

I read your writing every day and your work has been very helpful to me!

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Old Enough To Decide?

Q. You mention that the mentally retarded and very young are exempt from even knowing there is a God. I understand that. Can you tell me your thoughts on how young?

I have a nine year old son who has grown up in the church and who I and his father consistently talk with about God, Jesus, sin and the message of salvation. But, he has not made a profession of faith. I know that part of him is a little fearful and embarrassed to be baptized. We talked at length the other day about the fact that just because we (his parents) are saved this does not extend to him. He has to make the decision in his heart for himself. He asked me where he would go if he died right now without having made this decision. What do you think?

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More On Post Church Salvation

Q.  I was wondering if you could provide some clarity for me regarding the possibility of a period of time existing between the rapture and the start of Daniel’s 70th week.

I had never considered this before but have recently read this on some websites by prominent end times teachers. My understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong) is that the rapture will occur when the ‘full number of the gentiles has come in’. This, I would assume, would mark the end of the age of grace. Daniel’s 70th week would then begin when the treaty is confirmed by the anti-christ, which would in turn mark the re-commencement of the age of law.

If there is a gap of time between the rapture (end of age of grace) and the start of Daniel’s 70th week (recommencement of age of law), into which age do those who are saved during this gap period fall and how does that affect their salvation (ie do they rely on God’s grace, are they required to maintain their salvation or is it something else)?

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Confused About Salvation By Faith

Q.  I understand we are saved by faith and I’ve read where you said our actions or how we live don’t matter when it comes to being saved…we only have to believe.  Does repentance therefore only have to do with our relationship to God?  The Bible says we are given a new heart when we believe…how then can someone say they believe in what Jesus did for us yet continue to grievously sin?  I’m still confused.

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Is Remembering The Day Important?

Q.  Many people I have come in contact with over the years in the church I go to say ” I  can remember the exact date I was saved”.  I personally remember walking the aisle as a young boy of about eight are nine then getting baptized when I was around thirteen years old when I became aware of right and wrong but I can not remember the exact dates. My question is how does knowing the exact date and time matter?

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Don’t Believers Have a New Heart now?

Q.  After reading your response to the question “Do We Have Our New Heart Yet?”, you stated that we will not get a new heart until after the rapture when we are changed. What about 2 Corinthians 5:17? It states that we are made new creatures the moment we believe and are saved. Doesn’t that include a new heart?

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Q. My question is about sanctification.  I have family members that can point to a time in their lives (30 years ago) when they accepted Christ as their personal savior, but they show no ‘spiritual fruit’ at all .  They do not live as Christians in any sense of the word.  I know that the bible basically says “once saved always saved”, but if there is no spiritaul growth & no desire for God or His word, meaning they are not being sanctified, is it possible that the conversion was not genuine?  I’m confused about this. Does this mean that they are still saved, but it will affect their rewards once in Heaven? Continue reading…