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Total Depravity

Q.  I have unsuccessfully researched this issue.  I would have thought that point #1 of Calvinism — Total Depravity — applies only to unbelievers since once a person is saved he or she is now a new creation with a new identification and a righteous nature — in Christ.  II Cor 5:17,21; I Cor 6:17; I John 4:17; Rom 4:5, etc.   Now I am not so sure.  Is it true that point #1 of Calvinism applies even to someone that is born again?

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Arminian Or Calvinist?

Q. I would like your ideas on Calvinism and Arminianism. I had someone ask me which I was, and I had never heard of Arminianism, so had to do a little research..I have heard of Calvinism but did not really get into it..I am not sure that I want to be labeled as either. I prefer to just be Christian.

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Assurance Of Salvation?

Q.  I am reading through your book “7 Things You Have to Know to Understand End Times Prophecy” and am finding it very rewarding. My question today concerns  Calvinism, and why so many are embracing this teaching.  It seems to me that if a person holds to the five points of Calvinism then you cannot have any assurance of your salvation. I wonder if they see something I don’t and would appreciate any comments you might have.

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Must God Choose Us? Follow Up

Q.  Re: Must God Choose Us  Please quit saying that Calvinists believe God created some to be saved and some to be lost.  God created all of us to be in relationship with Him, but ALL of us CHOSE to turn away from Him resulting in “lostness”.  In His mercy and mysterious plan, God chose some out for salvation and allowed others to have their own way.  In order to accurately condemn a belief, you need to know what they actually believe.

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Predestination And John 3:16

Q.  When you say John 3:16 proves that the Calvinists aren’t correct, how do we know it doesn’t prove that they are?  Their whole idea is that God makes people believe, right? And John 3:16 says whosoever believes has everlasting life.  Do you see what I mean?

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The Potter And The Clay

Q.  I have a question concerning the topic of first mention. I have heard that with the potter and the clay (Romans 9) that it actually refers to service that GOD has you do for him and not to salvation like the Calvinists believe.  Could you please shed some light on this and possibly look at the potter and the clay in light of the topic of first mention.

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Must God Choose Us, Or Can We Choose Him?

Q.  In the Bible Study group I lead there’s an older gentleman who frequently makes a statement that I don’t agree with.  I want to kindly correct him on this but don’t know how to go about it. He says he believes in Grace and OSAS.  However, he says that no matter how much we pray to God, until God decides to reveal Himself to us, we cannot know Him.  He goes on further to say that God has to choose us and that we cannot choose Him. It has upset some in the group as they are facing daily struggles and they are starting to believe that their struggles are because God hasn’t “chosen” them.  Please help me address this situation.  If I’m wrong and he is right, that’s fine, but I can’t find Biblical support for his position.

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