Arminian Or Calvinist?


I would like your ideas on Calvinism and Arminianism. I had someone ask me which I was, and I had never heard of Arminianism, so had to do a little research..I have heard of Calvinism but did not really get into it..I am not sure that I want to be labeled as either. I prefer to just be Christian.


Here’s a simple answer to a complex question. Calvinists believe we don’t have any choice in whether we get saved or not, it’s all up to God. But once He chooses someone, it’s forever. It’s called Election. Arminians believe that everyone makes his or her own choice to be saved, but can also reject or lose their salvation later. It’s called Agency.

I believe that both are correct in what they assert (Calvinists assert Eternal Security and Arminians assert personal choice) and incorrect in what they deny (Calvinists deny choice and Arminians deny security). For a more detailed explanation of each conduct an internet search on the two views. Many evangelicals are neither Calvinist nor Arminian but believe in both personal choice and eternal security, as I do.