Announcing our site redesign!

Announcing our New Site Redesign! (Beta Version)

You guys, I’m so exited for you to see the new site!

It’s not completely ready, but we’ve put up a beta version for you to check out while we work on the last details.  It’s been a year long labor of love, as well as sweat, tears and sleepless nights, and fueled by constant prayer and too much coffee. Thank you for still reading. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and support. You guys are amazing and I’m so very grateful.

Continuing on after Jack passed away last year has been beyond hard. But I’ve had your encouragement and support and the huge legacy of Bible studies Jack left us. My goal in redesigning the site is to honor this amazing legacy, and help us all find and use the 9,000+ resources – using them to grow our relationship with the Lord and glorify Him.

Please check out our beta site. Test it out and send me your feedback, suggestions, or any issues.




New Features

The side bar is gone, so reading articles is clean and uncluttered! The footer is filled with navigation links to get around the site easier. And you can hover over a Bible verse (finger tap on mobile) and see the verse text!

Explore Page: To find and browse content quickly and easily! Use this page to browse recent articles or Q&A I’ve featured, or browse by category. Use the search box if you’re looking for something specific, and then use the side bar to narrow your results further. I’m so excited for you to try out this page and let me know what works, what doesn’t and any suggestions you have.

Audio: I’ve been cleaning up the audio quality and adding written transcripts to Jack’s audio studies. I’ve also found a few studies that were never posted on the site. I have one ready and up on the beta site right now!

About Page: Reworking this was hard. I made a timeline to show how we began this ministry, and what the Lord has done.

Start Here: A brief intro to the site for new readers. I also compiled some of Jack’s most popular articles here.

Outreach: Keep up to date with the love and provision we are able to give thanks to your amazing support!

Let me know what you think, and any issues or suggestions you have.
Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement that has made this happen. I’m so grateful!

God bless you!

New Ask a Bible Teacher Page

Good news! We’ve made it faster and easier for you to get answers to your questions.  Among the more than 8,000 Q&A posts we’ve already published there may be one or more similar to yours.  So we’ve created two options for you.

First, we’ve grouped some of our most frequently asked questions by category to make your search easier. If your question falls into one of these categories you can quickly search among them for the answer you’re looking for.

Second,  when you submit a question, the site will automatically suggest several possible answers .

Third, if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can still send your question directly to Jack.

To ask your question, click on the link below:




New Mission Project: School building

Due to over crowding, the students in a nearby village are not getting enough personal attention from their teachers.  The weaker ones are falling behind and when that happens the government threatens to take them away from their parents.  The principal asked the government to build another classroom to correct this problem, but she was turned down.  Unlike many principals, she insists her students learn music, art, and sports in additional to required classes, making hers one of the few full day schools around.   This costs money that would otherwise be available for buildings.  They said she can’t have both….

Click the following link to read more and see photos on our Missions Page!

The Water Vapor Canopy And Drought In Egypt

Q.  My question concerns your statement in “Restoring Planet Earth.” How do you reconcile the idea of a restored water vapor canopy during the Millennium with Zechariah 14:17-19, in which the Lord describes the punishment of no rain to those who do not go up to Jerusalem each year to worship the King and celebrate the Feast of Booths?

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Visit Our New Local Missions Page!

We’ve decided our local mission outreach deserves its own dedicated page.  This will allow us to keep you informed  of current projects as we do them instead of making you wait for a year end update to see what we’ve done. Go to the missions page.