How to sponsor a gift for Christmas 2022

The Christmas season is the most wonderful and the busiest for most families we know. And it’s certainly true for this ministry family of ours too! Each year our group here joins together to sponsor meals and gifts for those the Lord has brought to us. Christmas is the perfect time of year to show people the Lord has not forgotten them. ♥ Even if we’re forgotten by society or family, Jesus doesn’t forget us. And He relies on us to bring His love and provision to those in need. It’s such a wonderful thing to be a part of! So let’s get started!

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Join us in giving gifts to kids in need this Christmas!

To join us this Christmas, choose which outreach you’d like to join, and then come over to our donate page. You can choose the amount there, and write in what you are giving toward in the form on that page. (You can also mail a check to our address on that page as well! Just write on the check, or email me, the outreach you are giving to.)

To sponsor one of our kids in Mexico

This year, we’d love to put together gift bags for each of the kids we serve. They’ve seen the despensa (grocery) bags we give to their families and they know how special they are. We’d love to give each kid their own gift bag, but with fun things and necessities. Our kids here love to have their very own items!

We have 60 kids in our area that would love to be sponsored this Christmas. We will match you up with one of our kids, send you their picture and purchase their gift with the funds you send.

For $25 USD, you can sponsor a gift for one of our kids in Mexico.

(I always want to follow as the Lord leads, if you feel led to give something specific instead of the gift bags,  contact me and I can help it happen!)

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To sponsor one of our kids in India

We have three groups here! Two are in very persecuted areas that we can’t share publicly for their safety. And the other is the one you see each week in our outreaches!

For the kids in our churches in persecuted areas, keeping families warm at night is still the biggest priority. We’d love to have a fellowship meal together and give each child a blanket.

$15 USD will give a blanket and meal to a child.

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In the area you see each week, we’d love to provide a fellowship meal and clothing to each child.

$15 USD will give clothing and meal to a child.

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Thank you for joining us for Christmas!

Lives are forever changed because of your generosity and thoughtfulness. Each gift is a reminder that they are known and loved. Thank you for joining with us in this important, holy act this Christmas season.

May the Lord bless you abundantly and may your hearts be filled with joy as you watch your gifts be multiplied and the seeds you sow grow.

With much love and gratitude,

Samantha ♥

PS I gave a lot of background info in my post last year! A few said it was harder to navigate because it was so long, so I’ve kept it shorter this year. But you may want to look over last years page for a bit of background details in our outreaches!


Quick links to our outreach posts this week: