mp3: Christmas Prophecy

In this study we take the Bible’s earliest prophecies of the Messiah and follow them through time to show how the Lord narrowed down the field of candidates from any one of several million male descendants of Eve to just one possibility. Irrefutable evidence that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be.

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  • Nancy Stokes

    My husband and I look forward to this study, Jack. You are our favorite teacher equally along with Rick House, our pastor, Langlois community Church-OR. The Holy Spirit won over my husband because you allowed Him in your heart to work through you. God be with you. Please keep teaching! Nancy Stokes

  • gracethrufaith

    Sorry … This was given as an audio study only. We have several written studies on the subject. Messianic Prophecy In The Old Testament is one. Here’s a link

    • Traci

      I ended up listening to it while working late on Friday. It was great to finally put a voice to the person I’ve considered my teacher for years now! Great study!