mp3: Union & Fellowship

A major obstacle to understanding Eternal Security lies in the fact that we don’t realize our relationship with the Lord exists on more than one level. One level is our Union with Him.   It’s the eternal unconditional bond we have with the Lord that guarantees our salvation.  It’s based on what we believe.  Fellowship is another level.  It pertains to our relationship with Him in the here and now that determines the flow of blessings we enjoy.  It’s based on how we behave.   Some passages of Scripture seem to contradict others because they’re addressing these different levels.  In this study, we’ll make the difference clear and resolve these apparent contradictions.

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  • Elizabeth Salvatore

    I loved this bible study. Extremely well presented and in depth. I followed it closely all the way thorugh and make a ton of notes to share with other.

  • Tom Brough

    Nicely done, Jack. Clearly and succinctly stated, as usual. I like your approach as it is logical, consistent, and thorough. Keep these coming…we love them!

  • Psalm37v4

    Great teaching. Explains a lot. 🙂 BTW, where in the bible does it show the two different levels (union & fellowship)? I’m just wondering how you arrived at this.

    • gracethrufaith

      These are terms I use to describe the two levels of our relationship with the Lord. They don’t specifically come from the Bible but I do support them with Bible verses to show that their use is valid.

  • David Latona

    This is helping a lot! I’m feeling a lot better!