We’ve decided our local mission outreach deserves its own dedicated page.  This will allow us to keep you informed  of current projects as we do them instead of making you wait for a year end update to see what we’ve done.

Because living conditions for many families in our area are absolutely deplorable, our home building ministry has become a big part of our local mission outreach.  We began on a small scale in 2012 with some seed money that was donated for that purpose.  It soon grew into a full time effort with a crew of workers who tackle projects ranging from major renovations of existing homes to complete new homes.

As of the end of 2015 we will have completed 50 such projects. Here are some pictures to help you see what we’ve been doing this year.  From now on, we’ll post pictures of each new project in real time so you can see them take shape.  We will keep you updated on other mission efforts we undertake on this page as well.  Click on each picture to get the full story.