Introducing Our Community Garden

We’ve started a community garden! Along with our home repair and building projects, we’ve always given food, clothing, medical care and other necessities to those in need. Where we are in Mexico has such a long growing season, that we’ve wanted to grow food in the community for a long time. Everything finally lined up and we began. People started giving more and more, and one of our construction workers gave his land for us to use. Thank you all for your generosity to this ministry!

At first, we wanted to use the traditional community garden model, where each family gets a plot of land and they are responsible for it. They buy the compost and seeds, and they reap the harvest of what they grow. What a great model! And there is such talk and debate in the church now about how to give without hurting. How to give without creating dependency. I thought it would be a great example of helping people help themselves! But after much prayer, the Lord told me that this is not how we were to begin. In beginning, were to labor in the garden. We were to buy the materials. And we were to give the harvest to the community, so that they would see that He is feeding His people. Later perhaps it will be a traditional community garden, but for now it is a gift. How beautiful! Thank you Lord!