Garden Update Mid Summer 2016

In early 2016 we started a garden to feed the poor in a small town in Mexico. Here’s what the garden looks like now!

We’ve been tilling the ground, adding new compost and fertilizer, and getting it ready for the next planting. We still have beets growing on the side, and our greenhouse is filled with seedlings ready to be planted once the soil is ready.

We’ve been so blessed with great weather! We’ve also been able to keep everything organic, and we haven’t had any problems with pests. Thank you Lord for protecting this garden! And thank you to all who join with us to keep this garden going to provide food to those in need!

You’ll see in the photos below the clever device our workers made to till the ground from scraps from our home building ministry! This is reusing at its finest, and it meant we didn’t need to buy any equipment.