Roofs & Home Repairs in Mexico Winter 2016

Each year before the rainy season, we go through the community to see which homes are most in danger of flooding. And we begin replacing warped and rotten wood, relaying tar and roofing paper and patching walls. Often we end up needing to remove the entire roof and start fresh. (You can see into a home from above after we removed the old rotten roof in the first image below.

Since our community here is on the coast, unprotected wood rots quickly and soon begins to leak. And because it’s on a hillside, walls with cracks and holes leak into houses from the runoff.

Repairing roofs here means heating tar in a barrel, and using a rope mop to apply it to the roof. Other crews here use tar paper that is supposed to seal with the sun, but our guys swear by hot tar… even though it’s hot, messy and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. They say it’s the best and cheapest way to repair them. And we’ve never had a leak in a roof we’ve done! Thank you so much for your support that gives families in need warm, dry homes!