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Is Drinking Wine Forbidden?

Published: November 17, 2020 (Originally published: November 15, 2007)

How do you interpret Proverbs 23:34 and reconcile it with it being okay to drink alcoholic beverages? It seems if one should not even look upon wine when it is fermented (as Proverbs 23:34 says, and I believe this means to look upon in the light of desiring to drink it), then God does not want us to drink it at all because of the sin and degradation it leads one into.

Many go to the wedding feast where Jesus turned the water into wine to justify drinking alcoholic beverages because if it wasn’t okay then surely Jesus would not have turned water into wine. But has anyone thought it possible the water that Jesus turned to wine was not fermented wine? In light of Proverbs 23:34, I believe Jesus turned the water into the pure juice of the vine (not fermented). Otherwise, Jesus has contradicted His own words. I don’t believe Jesus would do something God said not to do. I don’t believe Jesus would have provided fermented wine to those at the wedding feast knowing there would be some who would consume too much and end up drunk and committing other sins that drunkenness leads to. If that were the case, then Jesus himself would have been a stumbling block and a hypocrite.

Paul said it was okay to “take a little wine for thy stomach’s sake” (medicinal purposes). I believe that would be the only occasion to take of alcohol during biblical times. Nowadays we have so much “medicine” for various illnesses that do not contain alcohol that there is no excuse to consume alcohol in any form.

Can you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus turned the water into (fermented) wine?

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Wounding And Healing

Published: November 17, 2020 (Originally published: November 20, 2007)

I am interested in your thoughts on Deuteronomy 32 verse 39 thanks.


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Confusion About The Trinity

Published: November 17, 2020 (Originally published: November 24, 2007)

I see that you agree that in the Bible Jesus and the father are one and the same. So God is a jealous God , right? So am I worshiping two Gods, because I believe Jesus is God? In church I pray to him, talk to him, sing to him, etc. I am very afraid of this. So in heaven are there two, is Jesus sitting at the right hand of God? I am very confused. God said you shall serve no other God than the Lord thy God. In Rev. Jesus said I am (that is what God called himself I AM ) the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. See how this can be so confusing? I would love to hear your view on this. I respect your answers.

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Burned Out On Giving

Published: November 16, 2020 (Originally published: December 4, 2010)

Tithing is a very contradicting doctrine in many churches. Many congregations use this system to pay for all the expenses required to manage a local church. Is it really supported with New Testament biblical verses?

I use to tithe according to the Law of Moses. Today I do not tithe. I am part of the only true church, which is the body of Christ. At the time of Jesus the church was not revealed, but He knew that the administration of the church would be different. There would be no leadership structure, every body would have specific duties and responsibilities within the church and all would accept Jesus as the head of the church.

There was no tithing in the early church within the gentile church. Paul never received tithe to support his ministry. He worked. Voluntary donation is what it is taught through the New Testament. Too many are and have been deceived by the false gospel of prosperity. People are only giving because they want to receive. If someone in the church does not prosper many conclude that there is a sin that is not forgiven. You have taught me a great deal. Yet tithing seems to be misunderstood.

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Is Suicide Forgivable?

Published: November 16, 2020 (Originally published: November 28, 2007)

Do you think the one sin not forgivable is suicide since it is a murder against the Spirit that dwells within the believer?

Like Paul said, I still do the things I hate and have problems doing the things I wish I could.

With that in mind sometimes I wonder what that sin is but then I think how Christ Jesus never loses anyone, so how can we as believers commit this sin which has no pardon since we were all predestined, justified, sanctified, and gloried from the beginning.

And if by doing so meaning we were never in Christ, why would it even come to a question of pardon since the non-believer doesn’t feel the need for penitence?

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The Incarnate God And Human DNA

Published: November 16, 2020 (Originally published: November 30, 2007)

If and it is so that Yeshua is God manifest in the flesh, then does it not mean that He is, was and always shall be God? One of your commentaries on Christmas says He was only God at conception, and that is misleading.

In His pre-incarnate state He visited people throughout the Tanakh, and when He chose to be revealed as God manifest in the flesh as Yeshua, that was at conception and He does not have any human DNA because as Hebrews points out, a special body was prepared for Him ahead of time to fulfill Abba’s will.