The Revelation Story: Chapters 15-18

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Chapter 15

Back in Heaven seven angels appeared along with the seven golden bowls of God’s Wrath, His last series of judgments. When these were over His enemies would be vanquished and His victory complete. Just then another large group of martyrs arrived from Earth and stood before His throne. They were some of the last believers left and had been executed for their refusal to take the mark. Now they stood in Heaven singing praises to God: their faith had been justified. I was reminded of that verse in Isaiah about the righteous perishing to be spared from evil. (Isa. 57:1)

The doors to Heaven’s Temple opened and the seven angels were handed the seven golden bowls. As they went forth the doors were shut so that no one could enter signifying that nothing could interfere with the dispensing of these final judgments. God takes no pleasure from judging even His enemies and remained inside the Temple to suffer in anguish alone.

Chapter 16

As the first bowl was poured out upon the Earth ugly and painful sores broke out on those who had taken the mark and worshiped the anti-christ. Their torment had begun. The second bowl turned all the seas to blood and every living creature remaining in them died. The third bowl contaminated all the world’s fresh water supply, turning it to blood as well. In doing this, God was avenging the blood of all His martyrs slain throughout the Age of Man from the prophets of old right through to the very last ones newly arrived in Heaven, by giving His enemies blood to drink.

The fourth bowl judgment increased the heat from the Sun to a point where people actually caught fire from direct exposure to its rays. Incredibly they cursed God’s name, having become so confused by the Luciferian Doctrine that they thought He was their enemy.

With the fifth bowl, everything went pitch black. The light from the Sun and Moon went out, electricity refused to work, and even fires would not give off any light. This scared people so much they could hardly stand it, but still they cursed God and refused His offer of peace.

With the sixth bowl the River Euphrates went dry, removing for good the natural boundary between East and West that had begun to come down with the sixth trumpet. The armies of the Eastern Nations saw their chance to steal across and join the battle for control of Planet Earth. Demonic spirits from the unholy trinity of Satan, the anti-christ and the false prophet went through out the world performing miraculous signs and enticing the leaders of all the world’s armies to come and join the fray. Before they were finished close to 400 million soldiers would show up in the Middle East, armed to the teeth and spoiling for a fight. This would really be “the mother of all battles.” I realized that my vision of a 175 mile river of blood was no exaggeration.

When the seventh angel poured out his bowl, I heard the voice of God saying, “It is done!” The thunder and lightning, and the greatest earthquake in history told me the judgments were going out in full force.

But this time something unique was added. The Old Testament punishment for blasphemy was death by stoning. The people of Earth had cursed and blasphemed the name of God to no end, and now they were receiving the penalty for their crimes. Giant hailstones weighing upwards of 100 pounds each fell upon the Earth and men scattered like ants, cursing Him as they ran for cover.

Chapter 17

As all this was happening, one of the seven angels came over to explain why these judgments were necessary. In a vision He showed me a woman sitting atop a scarlet beast that had seven heads and ten horns. They were riding across many waters. This woman (he called her mystery Babylon) represents the false religions that have deceived and persecuted God’s people, and the beast represents Satan. The angel wanted me to understand that Satan has always used false religion to steal people away from God. Not many have ever been seduced directly into devil worship, so he has used the worship of anything other than God, especially those things that seem good or enjoyable, to deceive mankind and lead them unknowingly to their destruction. He has also used the followers of these false religions to persecute believers who refuse to join them, or who insist on spreading the True Gospel.

The seven heads stand for seven world powers that have challenged God’s authority over His creation through the age of man. All these world powers were built by Satan to glorify his false religions and alienate people from their Creator. At the time I was writing this five had already come and gone; Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Greece. The one currently in power was Rome, and the one to come at the end would be a revival of the Roman Empire with elements of Babylon, Persia and Greece mixed in to spice things up. The anti-christ will emerge from this last group.

The ten horns stand for ten leaders the anti-christ will appoint to help administer his power at the end of the age. They’ll be loyal to the anti-christ, supporting his efforts to overpower the Lord. But the Lord will prevail, and when He comes to defeat them, He’ll bring His church back from Heaven with Him.

The many waters stand for all the people of the world deceived by Satan’s false religions. When he comes to power, the anti-christ will abolish all these false religions since they were just the means to an end and proclaim himself to be god. Because of the successful promotion of the Luciferian Doctrine, and since almost all of the remaining believers will have been martyred for their faith, most people will accept this and knowingly become Satan worshipers (which has really been his goal from the very beginning). God will let this happen to pierce the veil of deception woven by false religion, and let people see who they’ve really been worshiping all along.

Because of God’s patience, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance, He has restrained Himself all through the age. During this time His enemies, mistaking kindness for weakness, have gone way over the line and so His judgment, when it comes, has to fit the magnitude of the crime. Billions have been deceived and lost and those responsible must pay the consequences. So that’s why this final round of judgments has to be so severe.

Chapter 18

The last bastion of Satan’s deceptive practices will be found in the City of Babylon. In the end times this city on the banks of the Euphrates in modern Iraq will become the world’s center for the three major elements of society; religion, commerce, and government. Man’s religion which has imprisoned people spiritually, man’s commerce which has imprisoned them economically, and man’s government which has imprisoned them socially must all be defeated to bring the freedoms promised in God’s Kingdom. At the end of the age Babylon is the center and the symbol of all that’s wrong with man’s way and it has to be destroyed forever. And when it is the people of Earth will stand in shock at how quickly it fell. O Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come.

With the defeat of Babylon, God’s enemies have finally been made a footstool under His Feet, and the way is now clear for the Lord to return as the conquering King to establish his Kingdom. The magnitude of the shouting and singing in Heaven rocked the universe. Hallelujah!