Wars And Rumors Of War

Just before He was crucified, the Lord told His disciples that as the End of the Age approached we would experience an increase of wars and rumors of war. Nation would rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom, He said.

Commentary by Jack Kelley

Just before He was crucified, the Lord told His disciples that as the End of the Age approached we would experience an increase of wars and rumors of war. Nation would rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom, He said.

In just one day this week (June 6, 2007) the headlines in my inbox from the various news and intelligence services I follow showed just how true the Lord’s prophecies have become. As usual most of the action is in the Middle East. Here are the headlines with a little summary thrown in.

Another Middle East War Erupts Wednesday As 50,000 Turkish Troops Invade N. Iraq To Strike Rebel Kurdish PKK Bases

A total estimated by various news agencies of from 100K-250K troops are amassed along the Turkish border with Iraq, which Turkey has declared a military zone. Initial attacks met with heavy resistance from the Kurds.

Turkey is afraid that the US will grant the Kurdish people greater autonomy in Northern Iraq, and indeed the US Army has withdrawn from the area turning responsibility for maintaining order over to the Kurds. Since parts of the historic Kurdish homeland are in Turkey and Iran as well as Iraq, and since Kurdish nationals have struggled long and hard to regain them, having a strong independent Kurdish presence on their borders has both Turkey and Iran upset, especially since that region includes oil reserves large enough to fund a Kurdish nationalist movement.

Syria Holds Back Full-Scale War With Israel As Last Resort While Its Proxies Win Low-Intensity Conflicts In Lebanon And Gaza
Syria is behind the Palestinian eruptions both in Gaza and the Lebanese refugee camps. The goal is to have them fight a war of attrition with Israel to wear down Jewish resistance so Syria can get a better deal at the peace table. Failing that, they’re preparing for all out war, as the next headline will confirm. So far this strategy seems to be working since against all public opinion, Israeli PM Olmert has offered to return the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for Syria’s disengagement from Iran and Hizballah.

Syrian Official: Syria Preparing for War with Israel
A member of the Syrian parliament, Muhammad Habash, confirmed today that his country was actively preparing for war with Israel, expected to break out in the summer, Israel Radio reported. Former Iranian President Rafsanjani has also predicted war in the Middle East this summer.

In fact both Syria and Iran are absolutely convinced that the US and Israel have agreed on a joint plan whereby the US will launch a massive missile attack on Iran later this year while Israel simultaneously goes after Syria. Iran has just concluded an arms purchase from Russia valued at $765 million to help prepare Syria.

IDF Intelligence Research Chief Confirms Hizballah Is Rebuilding Strongholds South Of Litani And Preparing For A Summer War
If war does break out, Hizballah will be there in force having been restored to its full capabilities by Iran and Syria. The Litani River is the boundary below which Hizballah is forbidden to operate, but they’re currently working right under the noses of the UN forces in violation of the UN cease fire resolution. Some think that Syria will order Hizballah to move directly against the UN forces next. The IDF (Israel Defense Force) says it’s ready for any contingency on its northern border and can switch from defensive to offensive posture on a moment’s notice.

Ahmadinijad’s Bluster Boosted By Secret Deal For North Korean Taep’o-Dong-2 Ballistic Missiles

Delivery to Iran has been promised for late July to early August 2007. With a 3500-4000 KM range the acquisition of these missiles will triple the Iranian long-range missile arsenal and improve both range and accuracy, putting Eastern European and Israeli cities and regional US military installations well within range.

Putin Threatens To Aim ICBM’s At Europe To Counter US Anti-Iran Missile Shield
Although the installations are purely defensive and pose no threat to anyone, Russian President Putin is making a huge fuss over them by threatening European capitals. He’s trying to scare the Europeans into forcing the US into abandoning the project. Europe may have to decide whose missiles they want aimed at them, Russia’s or Iran’s.

Document: Iran Caught Red-Handed Shipping Arms to Taliban – ABC News

NATO officials say they have caught Iran red-handed, shipping heavy arms, C4 explosives and advanced roadside bombs to the Taliban for use against NATO forces, in what the officials say is a dramatic escalation of Iran’s proxy war against the United States and Great Britain.

And for those of you wondering how the prophecies calling for the End Times destruction of Babylon could possibly refer to that ancient city in Iraq …

Want Middle East Stability? Move UN to Babylon – Washington Post
Two journalists, writing for the Washington Post, have proposed this idea. “While moving the U.N. headquarters to Venezuela or Iran is probably not wise,” they write, “Moving it to Iraq might be a strategic coup. There is even a ready-made location for it—Saddam Hussein’s 600-room palace and compound constructed over the remains of the ancient city of Babylon. Americans might even consider footing the bill for the relocation.”

In this proposal they make the claim that moving the UN out of America would make many people around the world a lot happier as it would be seen as less of a pawn of the US, and putting it in Babylon could help to create and maintain peace in Iraq. Here’s an idea whose time has come.

Not since the war of 1967 have so many different countries been talking about and preparing for war. While I don’t see the Battle of Ezekiel in all of this, the summer of 2007 could well see the final pieces of the puzzle falling into place in advance of it. Turkey and Iran have a common interest in seeing the Kurds contained and it could be strong enough to pull Turkey into the Moslem coalition. If Syria promises peace for the return of the Golan, and the Palestinians trade peace for the West Bank, or if Israel finally takes the gloves off and defeats them all, there could be a change of circumstances in the Middle East as dramatic as the “sudden” collapse of the Soviet Union. The fact that it will all be built on a foundation of lies and deceit will escape most peoples’ notice. Better stay alert. 06-08-07