Is It OK To Feel Good For Giving?

Q. Since God is more interested in motives than our works, how do we know our motives are correct? I have a little “something” I do & try to make sure the recipient doesn’t know who I am. I include a verse so God receives the glory, and hesitate sharing so I don’t appear to “blow my own horn”.  However I actually REALLY enjoy doing this. I find it very fulfilling. How do I know when/if I’ve stepped over the line & am just doing it for my own satisfaction?

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End Times Prophecy In James?

Q. Could James 5:1-6 be considered an end times prophecy?  And if so, would they have anything to do with the current global financial crisis, sort of as a prelude of things to come?

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Cause For Anger

Q. I am curious about differences between the KJV and the NIV bibles when Jesus talks about murder and being angry at your brother. In Matthew 5:21-22 Jesus tells the people,

You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, “do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment. But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.”

I understand that Jesus is trying to convey that being angry is just as wrong and just as much a sin as if you actually killed the person. But in the KJV verse 22 says “But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause …”

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More On Jewish Law And Abortion

Q.  Re: Jewish Law And Abortion.  So there is nothing in the Torah that states abortion is permitted for the health of the mother and that the child could be considered “partial life” until the child is birthed out of the mother?  There are several Jewish Rabbi sites that state Jewish law permits abortion…. So this is all man made and not from the Torah?  How are they passing this info as legit?  And what about Exodus 21:22-23?  To me, this reads that if a man causes a woman to suffer a miscarriage, the penalty of the law is a “fine.” But, if the woman also dies, then he shall give “life for a life.”

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My Friend Doesn’t Believe In The Rapture

Q. I have read with interest and did my own research on your article about the Rapture and I have been convinced that there will be a pre-trib rapture.  However, How do I answer someone who says that “the apostles in Jesus’ time were persecuted and went thru horrible times, so what makes us think that we will escape the Tribulation and not go thru the Tribulation?”

I tell them that the proof is in the Bible and have pointed out the scriptures that you have given, but this person still believes because the Apostles went thru bad times and were killed in Jesus’ name that we will be also.   Also, this person listens to a “prophet”  who does not believe in the Rapture.   Any help on answering this other than what I have already pointed out in the bible would be helpful.

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Do Some People Not Have A Soul?

Q.  I sometimes meet people who seem to have truly evil hearts and minds.  I’ve pondered whether they have a soul, or if their soul is black.  It’s very difficult to understand what their soul must be like because of their behavior and thinking.  Do some people not have souls?  Or are their souls and hearts so thoroughly corrupted that they feel black?

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Abortion And Jewish Law

Q.  I have a question concerning Jews and abortion.  I was told by 2 Jewish friends that Jewish law did not outlaw abortion.  What are your thoughts on this?

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Questions About Departed Spirits

Q.   A friend’s husband recently died and she has asked the following questions. When a spirit leaves the body to be with Christ does it have some sort of body till the resurrection – i.e. is it aware and experiences feelings etc.  Also,  is the spirit aware of things on earth till the resurrection, and able see or contact the living?  Can you help?

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