The Feasts Of Israel And End Times Events


Have you considered overlaying the Feasts of the LORD to the end time events? I am not a specialist in this subject but I have found though my studying the Bride of Messiah, that the Feasts of the LORD (which are His appointed times) perfectly overlay the events of the end time and the gathering of His Bride! Just a thought.


I’ve been interested in the Feasts of Israel since I first became a believer. While I see prophetic fulfillment in the Fall Feasts (including Hanukkah) primarily as they concern Israel, I’m not persuaded that you can place the Church within their scope as well. For one thing, doing so conflicts with both the doctrine of imminency (the idea that the Rapture can come at any moment) and the notion of a secret rapture. I believe the Spring Feasts were fulfilled in the 1st Coming, Pentecost was fulfilled in the giving of the Holy Spirit, and the Fall feasts will be fulfilled in the 2nd Coming.