Blessing And Cursing


I know God wants us to love everyone as if they were our brother. But if God said that He will curse those who curse Israel are we also permitted to do the same?

I have a hard time with having a loving feeling towards anyone who hates Israel. Could you please advise me of what you think.

Thanks for your blessed work. We really need your guidance and knowledge of understanding prophecy at this time.


God reserves the right of vengeance to Himself (Deuteronomy 32:35)

As for us, we’re required to love our enemies (Matthew 6:44)

In His promise to Abraham , He said that He would bless and He would curse. Through out the Old Testament He did this through both human and supernatural agencies but it was always at His direction. I believe we can have sympathy toward Israel without hating Israel’s enemies.

It helps to remember that in the Middle East the people actually dying are under the powerful influence of a religion that has taught them that persecuting Israel is God’s will, and that obedience brings great rewards. It’s the only thing they’ve ever heard.

As for Christian anti-Semites, many of them are also life long victims of false teaching. The heresy called replacement theology has misled much of denominational Christianity, from which many of us have sprung, into believing that the Church has inherited the promise of Israel, and therefore there’s no reason for a Jewish Homeland today.

Both these groups are in desperate need of our intercessory prayer.

The more we see the fruition of God’s plan in the events of the nation of Israel the more difficult it is to remain objective in our view of Israel’s enemies. But while at His return the Lord distributes great rewards to those who helped “these brothers of mine,” there’s no such recognition for those who hated their enemies.