Blessing The Boys


My dearest friend and I were discussing Genesis 48:13-22 last night. What is the significance of Israel giving Ephraim the blessing instead of Manasseh? We know it displeased Joseph, but we wonder if it had anything to do with Jacob himself because of his deception with Isaac and Esau. We would like to know what you can glean from these scriptures.

I know we can’t add to God’s word, but sometimes what is left unsaid leaves us wanting more info. Maybe that’s God’s purpose?

Thank you again for this site. I have been so blessed from your gift.


Looking through the eyes of prophecy, Jacob knew that Ephraim would become greater than Manasseh, and so blessed him first even though Manasseh was the firstborn. Later Ephraim became the most powerful of the Northern tribes and after the Kingdom was divided the Northern Kingdom was often called Ephraim.