10 Virgins Follow Up


I understand your view (on the Parable of the 10 Virgins) and appreciate your reply. I believe in eternal security, but I will have to pray about and research the eternal security of believers in the tribulation more in depth. Thank you.


Fair enough. Just remember that Eternal Security is not mentioned in the Old Testament, and the Holy Spirit was not sealed within Old Testament believers. Through out the Old Testament God performed public miracles on a regular basis giving them evidence of His presence to sustain their faith. David prayed that God would not take the Holy Spirit from him after his sin with Bathsheba. (Psalm 51:11) Had it not been possible, he wouldn’t have prayed about it.

Only the Church is blessed with the indwelling Spirit because unlike OT believers whose belief was bolstered by evidence, the Church is asked to believe solely by faith.

After the Church goes away, the Holy Spirit will revert to an Old Testament type of ministry and belief in God will once again be bolstered by evidence of His existence through His mighty acts of Judgment throughout Daniel’s 70th week.