2 Sam. 7:14


In your book, The Redeemer, on page 86, you reference 2 Sam. 7:14 and write, “but since neither Solomon nor any other Davidic King was flogged by men for “doing wrong” there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. The wording casts shadows of the Messiah.”
When I looked up this reference, scripture seems to be pointing to Solomon as the one to whom this prophesy is about. However, your wording on page 86 seems to lead the reader to infer that you are referring to Jesus. Also, since Solomon did commit iniquities later in his life by taking all those wives and concubines, is there scripture that specifically states that he wasn’t chastened with the rod and stripes that would confirm what you wrote. It seems that 7:14 says the opposite, that he would be chastened.


I didn’t look for verses that said neither Solomon or any of his descendants were flogged by men with rod and stripes.  I looked for verses that said they were, and except for Jesus there are none. Same result.