2300 Or 1150?


I’ve listened to your MP3 Bible study on the Book of Daniel. I’m not a mathematician and therefore have a problem understanding how you came up with 1150 days by dividing 2300 evenings and 2300 mornings. In the New King James version it is describe as 2300 days ( Lit. evening – morning). I understand that from the creation, God and Israel go by starting the day from sunset to the next sunset. 1 evening + 1 morning is 1 day.


What I said is that 2300 evenings and mornings are equivalent to 1150 days. Daniel 8:14 doesn’t say 2300 evenings and 2300 mornings, but 2300 evenings and mornings, an evening and a morning both being necessary for each day. Divide 2300 by 2 and you get 1150.

Another way to look at is to take the twice daily sacrifice for sin. There was one each evening and one each morning. It would take 2300 of them to equal 1150 days. Get it?