4 Million Years Or 6 Thousand?


The current NG cover and cover article is on the found skeletons of a 4 Millions Year Old Woman, Ardipithecus Ramidus, Oldest Hominid Skeleton in the Middle Awash area of Ethiopia. How do we reconcile this skeleton. Yes, there can be flaws in carbon dating. Could The Flood produce such pressure that it creates the illusion of items being older than they really are? Technology is getting better every day to reduce flaws in dating. Could skeletons such as these be from the original world prior to the remaking of our world and the creation of Adam and Eve?


God said He created both the animal kingdom and mankind in a single day about 6000 years ago (Genesis 1:24-31). He places such a strong emphasis on believing Him, what reason would He have to mislead us about His very first claim? Due to man’s limited perspective we’ve always been uncertain about both the past and the future. But God knows the end from the beginning. Surely He knew man would someday be able to prove Him wrong if He wasn’t always truthful.

And look at the excuses man makes to explain away the difference. They’re all directed at God. “He doesn’t exist. He does exist but He didn’t write the Bible. He wrote the Bible but He didn’t mean for us to take it literally.”

We don’t hear science saying things like, “We can only assume everything’s always been as it is today. We don’t have anything provably that old with which to calibrate our instruments to make sure they’re accurate. We’ve never observed this either in the laboratory or in real time, so this is just our best estimate as of now.”

Because of this, what we’re left with is faith. Either we believe by faith that God is telling us the truth, or we believe by faith that science is correct. They can’t both be right.