Israel And The Church


In the column of Feb. 4th entitled “Three Questions of Matt.24” in the section “I’ve Got a Secret” you say that the church and Israel are two different entities with two different destinies. The NT tells us that through Christ, Jews and Gentiles become one new man. So, what are the two different destinies? Thank you for this clarification.


Like many Christians these days, you are not differentiating between the nation of Israel and Jewish people. It’s the Church and Israel that are two different entities with two different destinies.

Israel’s destiny is to be purified through the end times judgments and become the premier nation on earth during the 1,000 year Kingdom Age, with God dwelling in a new Temple to be built there.

The Church’s destiny is to be taken off the Earth before the end times judgments begin in an event we call the rapture, to dwell thereafter with Jesus in the New Jerusalem, which will not be on Earth.

However, God makes no distinction between people who are from a Jewish background and people who are Gentiles in the Church. When we are born again we become one in Christ.