A Baptism Question


I have been born again for more than three years and have not been baptized. I live in South Africa and we don’t have a church here that believes like I do, only the Dutch Reformed church which believes in replacement theology and practices infant baptism. There is no other church in our town or surrounding towns. Can my wife baptize me? She is the only person I can ask that I’m certain off that is born again. Please help!!!!!!!


Infant baptism is really a Christening ceremony where a baby is dedicated to the Lord by his or her parents. In the early church it was distinguished from baptism, which was a public confession of faith by a person old enough to understand its implications.

Later, in some churches that don’t stress the importance of being born again, the two were combined into one ceremony. Today, many adults who become born again and leave their liberal church for an evangelical one feel the desire to be baptized again.

Any true believer can baptize another one, so if your wife is born again she can baptize you.