A Catch-22 Situation?


I have been an avid reader of your website for a few years now & your wisdom and insight into prophecy is truly a God-given gift. In reading your answer to understanding the Bible, you stated that all believers have been given this ability, and faith is the key that unlocks it. I agree 100%. But what about non-believers? In 1 Corinthians 2:14 we read, “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” Isn’t this a type of Catch-22 situation?


We take the first step toward salvation when we hear a simple gospel message spoken with the power of conviction and it prompts us to seek the Lord. He said everyone who seeks Him will find Him. Along with salvation we receive the faith to believe. Both are gifts of God’s grace. (Ephes. 2:8-9)

We also receive His Holy Spirit, and the Bible finally begins to make sense to us, because it’s a supernatural document that requires supernatural ability to understand. It’s the Holy Spirit who gives us that ability. Through study we gain understanding and our faith grows. Far from being a Catch-22 situation, the Lord makes salvation, faith, and the Holy Spirit available to all who seek Him.