A Different Spirit?


Thanks again for being a great resource, and being Biblically grounded, once again I have another question for you.

My mother and I love each other very much, however when it comes to specific beliefs we just have to agree to disagree, and one specific area we disagree on (which doesn’t sit right in my spirit) is individuals claiming to have of gone hell and or heaven and back, etc..having angels flying down a portal to visit, having someone pray prophetically over someone paint a picture that God has told them to paint, and so on. She is so entranced by these things that when a Christian claims to have had these kinds of encounters, she believes them. I keep telling her that my spirit is uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel right, its not written in Bible, and yet she keeps telling me I’m putting God in a box. What is your take on this? Where do I draw the line as to what is Biblical and what is not? Thanks again for your help.


Paul spoke of the dangers of this in 2 Cor. 11:1-4. It’s often the mark of an immature believer whose faith is based in experiencing the supernatural rather than an understanding of God’s word. By being skeptical of these things we’re not putting God in a box. He put Himself in a box when He gave us His word. He intended it to be a guide for us so we wouldn’t be led astray by false teachers, because even they can perform miracles. (Matt. 7:22-23) Then He gave some the gift of discernment to help us spot the phonies or even the unknowingly deceived. (1 Cor. 12:10)