A False Prophet


We have at our little rural church, a young Christian, who has appointed himself as a prophet. He has no formal training, is very opinionated about the order of worship, and has defied our church leadership, calling for God to kill them if they “defy” him. I always believed, that Jesus was our last preist, prophet, and king. Are there still prophets in the church? If so, what are the requirements?


No one appoints himself to be a prophet. Prophets are appointed by God. Right now Jesus is God’s appointed prophet (Hebrews 1:1-2) and there is no other. Prophets didn’t threaten people with death, they earned the people’s trust by foretelling events with 100% accuracy. If they were ever wrong, it was the congregation’s responsibility to kill them (Deut.18:20) This man is a fraud and should be given the alternative of behaving himself or leaving.