A Free Ticket To Heaven?


My wife is with child. If the Rapture occurs soon will the baby get a free ticket to heaven? Will it at some point have to choose Christ? Will we see it grow up or will he or she gain full mental and physical capacity in Heaven?


Congratulations! The moment a child is conceived, he or she becomes a living being in God’s sight. If the Rapture occurs between the time of conception and the so-called age of accountability, then the child will go with the rest of us into eternity.

Since God does not hold young children accountable for their sins, they are considered to be sin free and already have eternal life. They are not required to make a decision for Christ until they reach the age of accountability (Romans 7:9).

While no one knows for sure, many students of the Bible believe that children will receive adult mental and physical capacity in the instantaneous change from mortal to immortal.