A Question About Eternity


I was reading Revelation again for the umpteenth time again and something struck me different. I was under the impression that when eternity begins, the entire 4 dimensions we live in will be destroyed. IE in eternity all things will either be 1) in the lake of fire or 2) in heaven (that exists outside our time domain) and there is no other possibility of any other location. Upon reading it again it appears to say that the new heaven and new earth that were created at the beginning of the millennial reign will continue for eternity. Am I missing something?


The Bible doesn’t say very much about eternity. According to Peter the heavens and Earth will be destroyed by fire at some point (2 Peter 3:10) To me that doesn’t appear to be associated with the beginning of the Millennium but could happen at its end. Yet in Ezekiel 43:7 God says that when He returns to the Temple in the Millennium it will be forever. My understanding is that most things associated with eternity will be revealed to us later.