A Question About Resurrection Morning


I have a question about Resurrection Morning. If I understand it correctly, on a Jewish calendar the Sabbath will end when the sun sets on Saturday correct? Does that mean that Resurrection Morning will begin at that time, and that Jesus could have come out of the tomb anytime after sundown Saturday?

Also, I was wondering what leads you to believe that Jesus was born in late-September during Rosh Hashanah? Thank you for answering my questions!


Since Judaism follows the Creation model, their evening precedes the morning. Therefore at sundown Saturday it becomes Sunday evening. Then at sunrise it’s Sunday Morning. In the case of the resurrection, the time between sunset on Saturday and sunrise on Sunday was the Lord’s 3rd night in the tomb. On Sunday morning when the women went to the tomb and discovered that the Lord had risen, it was Resurrection Morning.

In Luke 1:26 we’re told that Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant with John the Baptist when Mary visited her to announce her own pregnancy. There’s pretty good evidence in the Bible to show that John was born in the spring of the year, probably around Passover. The fall feasts come six months later, and of those, I believe that Rosh Hashanah is the Lord’s most likely birthday.