A Question About Spiritual Gifts


I Just finished reading your articles on Spiritual Gifts. Please help me. I want to make sure I am not being mislead. Over the last five years my family has suffered many, many trials. I went to our church for help. But all they could do was say a prayer with me and agreed that we are dealing with more than the usual.

Recently, I was with a friend who knows of all we are dealing with and I said I was beginning to feel like we were cursed and my family was cursed. She suggested doing a corporate generational cleansing. I went with her to a meeting. They placed hands on me and prayed for repentance for me. I asked God to please give me discernment as this area I was not familiar with. They used scripture and went into generation sins, etc. and then prayed.

She prayed and said something that only God and myself knew (a prayer I had prayed to God quietly on my own for years) and just continued blessing me through Christ Jesus. When done she said it was the holy spirit leading her. Then a guy prayed and spoke in tongues – which I have never heard before.

I then received a call from one of my friend’s friends who invited me to join a prayer group that prayed together. I went and one of the members prayed in tongues from time to time, and someone else seemed to “see” things. This was uncomfortable for me and I do not know if it is God or not. Please help direct me if you can.


From my articles you know that I believe that Spiritual Gifts are for the Church today and are available to every believer. That said, I also believe that there’s a lot of abuse and even dishonesty in their use, as people try to present themselves as more spiritual than they have a right to be. Therefore it takes a certain amount of discernment when confronted by the use of the gifts.

It doesn’t appear from your description that you have anything to be concerned about. Everything that was said could be verified by your own experience. Just be sure to look for independent confirmation before acting on things you were told. The Bible says that everything will be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses. (Deut. 19:15)