A Question About Suicide


Your website has added so much to my life.

I have a question, which I hope will make sense. My sister and I have had several conversations on something she said a Sunday School Teacher told her when she was in grade school. She said the SC teacher told her that the end times would not occur until every one was “one color”. I told her I have read most all end times prophecies, and I had never read any such thing. She also told me that “suicide” was the one unforgivable sin, again which I told her I had not read that in scripture. I discount both of these things she has heard from her SC teachers.

Can you help on these two issues?


I don’t know where your sister’s teacher got the “one color” idea. Sounds like something from the pre-Civil War South. Rest assured, it’s not Biblical.

At one time the Catholic Church taught that suicide was an unforgivable sin because being dead the person couldn’t ask for forgiveness. Catholics who killed themselves were denied burial in Catholic Cemeteries.

We now know that Jesus died for all the sins of our life, past present and future, and when we accept Him as our Savior all our sins are forgiven, even those we haven’t committed yet.