A Question About The Books Of Enoch


My questions are, 1) is it possible that Enoch’s writings were not included due to the scholars not wanting to believe what was written in that book?

You wrote in one of your answers “The appearance of Enoch’s quote in Jude’s epistle confirms that at least that part of 1st Enoch is authentic.” (in Enoch and Jude, ask a Bible Teacher). Also, you said the book of Enoch was written by someone else. 2) Is it possible that they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and Enoch to write them?



Psalm 138:2 says the two things that God honors above all else are His Name and His Word. To embrace the position you’ve described one would have to believe that the canonization of Scripture was not divinely guided, that there was a conspiracy among scholars to keep some of God’s truth out of His Word, and that God allowed it to happen. To me, that seems to contradict the verse above and is quite a ways farther than I’m willing to go.