A Question About The Sphinx


I just read your article about the Great Pyramid of Giza. I enjoyed it, but was wondering if you’d ever done a study on the Sphinx and if so what you’ve learned about it. It seems that all these monuments (Easter Island Statues, Mayan Pyramids, Stonehenge etc.) are connected somehow. Anyway any thoughts you may have are appreciated.


Seiss wrote an excellent book on the subject called “The Gospel In The Stars.”

According to this tradition, pre-flood shepherds lying in the fields with their flocks could look into the sky and tell their sons about the coming Redeemer using these constellations as their guide. In those days the knowledge of Life in the Garden was still contained in the memory of man, and this helped them understand that one day we’ll all be back there.

As I said, the Mazzaroth was corrupted into Babylonian Astrology. The reason that the Tower of Babel was destroyed is because it was devoted to the study of astrology. This has been confirmed by the presence of astrological signs among its ruins. Astrology was punishable by death in Israel because it denied the Gospel story. (The study of Astrology was referred to as an “observer of times” in Deut. 18:9-10). Today nearly every language contains names for the 12 signs of the Zodiac that have their roots in the Hebrew Mazzaroth.

To my knowledge, the age of the Sphinx has not been determined, but some scientists claim that the particular type or erosion it has suffered indicates that it spent a period of time under water. That would seem to be supported by the pre-flood origins of the Mazzaroth.