A Question About The Two Witnesses


Having read through your website regarding the two witnesses I understand that you believe that they will be Moses and Elijah. Elijah because God tells us he will be one of them and Moses because of the character traits and probably the Mt of Transfiguration appearance.

My question is have you read a recent article regarding John being the possible second witness? If so would you care to comment on it? Though I realize that this is not a salvation issue and is highly speculative, I really value your opinion. You seem to have a gift to discern details I often miss.


I’ll have to do more study to be sure, but from a quick read through of the article you referenced, I have more questions than answers. For example, why would the Lord send John, the apostle most closely identified with the Church, to minister to Israel? He had no credibility with them the first time. What would be different with them now?

I truly believe the two witnesses will have to be men that Israel will listen to, and Moses and Elijah fit that description better than anyone. Also, I think the powers the two witnesses have help us figure out who they are. They can turn water into blood, strike the Earth with plagues, stop the rain, and call down fire from Heaven. (Rev. 11:6) These abilities are specifically linked to Moses and Elijah in Israel’s history.