A Question On Interracial Marriage


Is there any scripture in the Bible that talks about marrying outside of your race?


Some prominent Biblical figures married outside their race. For example, Joseph took an Egyptian wife (Genesis 41:45), and Moses married the daughter of a Midian priest (Exodus 2:21).

The Israelites were frequently warned against marrying foreigners, but these warnings had more to do with the religious influence a foreigner would have than a racial prohibition. Solomon is the most famous example of the dangers involved in marrying someone from a different religion. In the end, Solomon’s acceptance of his pagan wives’ religious practices was responsible for God’s anger against him, prompting the civil war that followed his death (1 Kings 11:29-40).

In 1 Cor 7:12-16 & 2 Cor 6:14-18 Paul also strongly advised against marrying a non-believer, citing the irreconcilable differences in world view and the uncertainty that the believer would ever convert the unbeliever.

So from the Biblical perspective, marrying someone who doesn’t share your religious beliefs poses far more serious problems than marrying someone outside your race.